Ethernet Wall Box 3 Pin Female

€151,28 available: In Stock SKU: 512-917-3F

This powder coated aluminium box is the perfect choice for fixed installations.

With this Ethernet wall box you can run 4 lines of DMX, analogue audio, AES or Intercom over a standard shielded cat 5e cable. We have 4 different versions depending on which connector type you need.
It is easy to install. No need for soldering. On the backside of the PCB xlr connectors, inside the box, there is a normal cat5e socket. This means that you only have to terminate a normal shielded cat5e cable connector and connect it to the PCB.


After milling the cabinet is laser engraved.

It is possible to get your logo laser engraved onto the boxes.

If you buy 10 pcs. we will engrave your boxes for free.

This version is with 3 pin female xlr connectors.

 All our products are designed and manufactured in Denmark.

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